Colonial Williamsburg July 4th Weekend Visit

As I mentioned in our Fourth of July post we decided we would be tourists this July 4th weekend since we had no plans and headed to Colonial Williamsburg on the 5th as the weather while overcast and a bit dreary was not the rain they thought might arrive.  This turned out to be a great plan as there were no crowds.  I think many of the tourists did their visits on the 4th and the locals stayed away due to the rain.Around Williamsburg We grabbed lunch at Shelds Tavern and being that it was the 4th of July weekend we had to order the All American Meal :)2016-07-03-13-11-332016-07-03-13-34-49Around Williamsburg
What a great time we had visiting the sites neither of us had seen in years and relearning much of the history we had forgotten.  It was a reminder that we need to take advantage of where we live more often and get out and see more of these historical sites.