River's Bluff

We have been looking for land in the central Virginia area for several months now. Guy is ready to leave the craziness of Northern VA and I love the counties that surround Richmond.  They are rural, less traffic and less stressful.We had already searched Hanover, Caroline and Powhatan endlessly and decided to start looking in King William. We headed out to look at about 8 different properties. None were working for us when we came upon the Rivers Bluff property very much by accident.  Within 5 minutes both Guy and I knew this was the place.  We took pictures, called the listing agent from the property and headed home.I won't go into all the details that transpired with the listing agent, our agent, and the owner as it was really ridiculous but 6 hours after our final offer had expired we got the phone call that the owner accepted the offer.  Soon this property will home, all 9.75 acres of it. 3650066_orig 6269052_orig