St. Peter's/St. Paul's Church visits

My photography meet-up group was able to visit and photograph two of the oldest and most historic churches in the city today.  St Peter's Catholic Church was founded in 1834, was the first Catholic church established in Richmond and is absolutely beautiful.  When you enter your immediately drawn to the beautiful alter and stained glass windows throughout.St. Paul's Episcopal Church is located across the street on one side from St. Peter's and the Virginia State Capital on the other. Over 150 years old, the church has a strong historical bound to the Civil War with both Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis as members of the parish. This church also has one of the largest Tiffany windows (10) displays and in use in the US. The window photos I took (and are posting) are not HDR edited, these are what they really look like. I am still blown away by the craftsmanship, detail and beauty.Both churches are on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register.[envira-gallery id="12789"]