The Cougar

Went with Guy Saturday to shop for a new camper. He was ready to upgrade and knew he wanted a Fifth Wheel but other than that was open to lots of ideas and options.  I will be the first to admit I don't know much abour camping or RV's but I am learning and always have ideas (lol) so I was more than happy to shop and help spend his money :)Wow there are so many options, I had no idea how plush and home-like some of these campers can be.  We must have looked at 10-15 and after the first few I was getting totally confused as to which was which but after a hour or two I really had my favorite three in mind (based on asking him lots of questions on what he wanted and liked and how he planned to use it). He also had his top three choices so we compared notes and we both had the same camper as our #1 so he bought it.Here is the new Keystone Cougar High Country.  He brings it home in a few weeks and already we have plans to take it camping over Labor Day weekend for the test trial.
Not bad is it? Definitely more Glamping than camping in this unit.The only thing that would have made this a more perfect unit would have been if it had a fireplace inside.