What Do I Do With All This Energy?

I have been a ball of pent up energy the last week or so. I just can't seem to sit still for longer than a few moments, calm down - I always feel revved up, relax on the couch - not happening, sleep - what is that? etc.

I have tried all the things you hear will work like exercise, warm teas, essential oils, a day just lounging in the pool, walks, cleaning out closets, etc. and so far this is the only thing that is even remotely starting to help...

Digital coloring. Using the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and a app called Animal Coloring I have been rocking through these the last few days While nothing seems to work 100% I do find myself drifting into a land of no thoughts and lost in the colors which just what I need. It's helping me relax a little bit and I certainly need that. I know it will just take time for me to find my new normal, my new world without mom and I am trying to get back into things going out, seeing friends, etc. and if this helps me get there, why not :)