Family Pool Party

To celebrate Guy's birthday we decided to host a family pool party. Instead of me behind the camera all day I instead handed the camera to Jameson (age 4 1/2) and let him go for it. Sure some of the pictures have fingers in them but that is half the fun. Not sure who captured the photos with him in them but so glad they were able to get him having fun too.

A new view

The wood pile was never suppose to be where it is located.

When our lot was cleared the builder made a decision to place it where it was, without asking me and it ruins the sight line out our dining room window. Everyone who comes to my house knows how much I hate it.

We are working to burn/cut/have carted away as much as we can, as quickly as we can but still it remains a huge eyesore. That was until the other night when I caught a glimpse out the window that provided a new view of the pile.

She found the corn we have out for the squirrels. I loved watching her and will be putting more corn out in that area with the hopes she comes back soon.